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Caviar is an international brand of custom luxury class devices. In creating products, we use elegant combinations of high technologies with exquisite materials: gold, diamonds, natural leather, carbon, jewelry enamel, meteorites, and rare artifacts.

The brand history begins on April 4, 2011, when Caviar introduced its first smartphone, catering to the demands of haute customization. Ever since, the Caviar house has been bridging the gap between technological innovations and jewelry art, creating an intriguing aesthetic.

In April 2022, our brand split into two independent companies – Caviar Russia and Caviar International. Now the rights to them belong to different individuals. Caviar International is developing separately from the Russian brand, its headquarters is located in Dubai. We continue to use some joint developments for new collections, but production and customer service is carried out separately.

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7052Personal Designs

The Caviar team of experts creates relevant meanings, intricate novelties, and unconventional technological solutions, making the brand a standout trendsetter in the market of smart luxury and elite gifts.

We have a love for our craft and praise admirers of Caviar's delicate artistry.

68 countries

The USA, the UAE, Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Monaco, Iran, India, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and others.

Caviar Evolution

First Caviar!
iPhone 4


The first design by Caviar. The first phone was released on December 27, 2011. The first collection was presented on the company's website in March 2012.

Titano Diablo
iPhone 5


The first phone in the sports line made of automobile carbon.

Unico Segnatura
iPhone 5


The first tribute to Vertu heritage. The design is dedicated to the legendary Vertu Signature collection.

Apple Watch
by Caviar


The first customization not applying to Apple's flagship smartphones - the Apple Watch.

iPhone 6


The first reference to the cultural diversity of the world. The collection dedicated to the world religions.

iPhone X


A unique modification with built-in solar charging.

Classico Black
Custom Nokia


The new hit by Caviar and a fundamentally new product – a button phone Nokia in a Caviar body.

iPhone 11


The creation of a rare customization - an iPhone with working tourbillon watches, which became the hallmark of Caviar.

Golden Playstation
Sony Playstation 5


The new Sony Playstation 5 console became the main gadget of 2020. Caviar created a modification of the console made of gold.

Jade Empire
Huawei Mate 40 Pro


The collection released specifically for the Chinese market based on the smartphone that became China’s national pride - the Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

Rolex Daytona
iPhone 14 Pro


The new achievement of Caviar’s team placed in the Grand Complication collection. This time the impressive iPhone 14 Pro is adorned with an iconic Rolex Daytona watch.

Apple Vision Pro
CVR Edition


A new era in the world of custom devices. Caviar is the first to create a premium version of the innovative Apple Vision Pro.

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The epitome
of status

Caviar seamlessly blends with the high-end lifestyle of our clients. Each device is a unique style attribute and a harmonious adornment to an expensive suit, a sports car or a rare wood office desk.

The artists at the atelier will develop an individual strategy for collaborative creativity and suggest how to discreetly emphasize your status.

Your exclusivity
Our inspiration

Devices take on new meanings in the Caviar workshop. Each part of the product tells about the owner's personal history, declares their character, or subtly hints at their hidden feelings. We strive to embody the uniqueness of your personality in the final result to make your image even more attractive.

The doors of the Caviar House are open to the most demanding guests. In the hands of our masters, ordinary devices are transformed into unique works of art. You open a precious case and from the first glance, you feel a harmony with your personal accessory. Now it's a part of you.

Masterpieces of the Caviar House

In our treasure trove, there are relics worthy of the jewelry houses of Rome, Paris, and other capitals of luxury. We adorned the phone with magnificent diamonds from Graff's necklace, "complicated" the latest iPhone with cult Rolex watches, and built a clock mechanism with a tourbillon into the smartphone body, assembled to Caviar's private order.

Each time, our engineers develop new innovative technologies to realize revolutionary ideas in the field of luxurious customization. We are ahead of time to delight our customers.

Fathers of Complications

The impressive story of Caviar's achievements became possible thanks to the secrets of design art and impeccable jewelry mastery. We bring to life grandiose complications, unavailable to other brands.

Over the last 10 years, the Caviar jewelry design house has created the world's first phone with a built-in tourbillion that beats the force of gravity. Our expert team was able to synthesize watches and mobile devices, annually releasing custom smartphones with watches on the body, including the iconic Rolex Daytona.

Among the company's technological innovations is a phone powered by a solar battery, a mobile transformer in the style of Tesla Cybertrack, bulletproof smartphones, and the most expensive iPhone Pro Max with a Graff suspension.

In every design, an innovative approach to work and love for creativity is embodied.

Invaluable team of experts and precious materials

Caviar is a place of strength for the best craftsmen with years of experience. They come here to fully give in to inspiration and create magic. Our artists work on sketches for hours and develop new design formulas for Apple and Samsung products. And the jewelers bring these innovative ideas to life.

The expert team performs tasks of incredible difficulty to ensure that the finished product is truly unique. We are ready to find the oldest meteorite, Napoleon's autograph or even a T-Rex tooth, and then integrate it into the body of your phone. If this evokes emotions from you, then our work was not in vain.

Personal Service

Caviar has taken its signature service to a new level.

Our experts are ready to provide you with support 24/7 starting from your first call. They will give you a detailed explanation about the products and will do everything to make your ideas come to life.

Choose your preferred means of communication – a phone call, a message via convenient messenger, or an on-site presentation where you will be shown the creative endeavors of leading masters.

Achievements That Will Remain in History

2018 - the first phone with a tourbillion mechanism, the CVR ELT3350A Tourbillion with a manual wind

2022 - the tallest hookah in Burj Khalifa (2.06 meters)

2022 - the world's most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max ($ 600,580)

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World-famous clients

  • Lewis George Hilsenteger

    known as Unbox Therapy – a Canadian unboxing and technology YouTube content creator. His channel has 18.2 million subscribers and its videos have received over four billion views.

  • Alexander Ovechkin

    the captain of the NHL club "Washington Capitals". The winner of the Stanley Cup in 2018. The three-time world champion.

  • Marques Keith Brownlee

    known as MKBHD – an American YouTuber and professional Frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos. He has over 16 million subscribers and over 3 billion total video views.

  • Jacob Arabo

    an American jewelry and watch designer founded Jacob & Company who in 1986 and turned it into an international luxury brand.

  • Arun Rupesh Maini

    known as Mrwhosetheboss – an Indo-British YouTuber best known for his technology videos on YouTube. He has over 13 million subscribers and 2 billion YouTube views.

  • Roy Jones Jr.

    an American professional boxer. Silver medalist at the 1988 Olympic Games. Absolute world champion in the light heavyweight category.

  • Matthew Carriker

    known as DemolitionRanch – an American YouTuber who is known for his gun-related content. His channel has amassed 11,2 million subscribers.

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

    known as Technical Guruji – an Indian YouTuber based in the UAE. Chaudhary is notable for producing videos concerning technology in Hindi. In 2020, he was on the Forbes India 30 under 30 list. He has22 million subscribers on YouTube.

Would you like to become a part
of the Caviar house?

We are ready to bring to life the most precious dreams and create a bright accent in your image. Continue to reach high goals and live beautifully, and the Caviar expert team will emphasize your status and freedom to choose what suits you best.

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We often customize smartphones to individual orders. Such a design cannot be found on our website because it belongs exclusively to the customer. A family crest, magical symbol or even a totem animal – we are ready to bring your most complex ideas to life.

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